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3 Reasons Spurs Should Sign Christian Pulisic: Football, Business & Marketing

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This summer’s transfer window is known for one thing generally: the inflated prices of some player transfers. From £50+ million for Kyle Walker to possibly £197 million for Neymar, the market is crazy. But for supporters of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, this window is unique for one glaring reason: unlike every other team in the Premier League, Spurs have spent …

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New Web Design Project: Julian Coles – Singer + Songwriter

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Recently I was pleased to finish a web design project for Julian Coles – a singer and songwriter who finished recordings in a Memphis studio late last year. It was important to communicate visually both the vibe of Julian’s music and his persona. Words that come to mind are smooth, sophisticated, romantic, inspiring, and heartfelt. And of course it always helps …

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New Web Design Project for Ludwell.org

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I am pleased to have recently completed the website design for a nonprofit historical association called the Associates of Colonel Philip Ludwell III (ACPL). ACPL is focused on investigating the life and times of an interesting, little-known, but influential Virginia landowner and statesman who lived in the 18th century. The design is based in WordPress and features blogging capability, which …

3 Digital Mistakes That Will Thwart A Professional’s Market Expansion

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Struggling to spread the brand promise? Here are three mistakes to avoid, and some encouragement from Benjamin Franklin. As we know, corporate brand names are always aware of the need to get in front of new eyeballs. It’s one of the first assumptions of the brand marketing challenge. However, marketers in the professional services sector are often faced with intelligent …

Coffee Promotions Now, and in 1650s London

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So we know how coffee is promoted these days – there are all kinds of inventive ways. Three cool versions are shown here. But how was coffee promoted and regarded in 1650s London? Well, there’s this description which I found via Bryant Lillywhite’s 1963 London Coffeehouses (George Allen & Unwin), while reading an interesting biography of the great Christopher Wren: “in …

The Startup Creator’s Dilemma: Fear and Learning

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DC TechDay was invigorating yesterday. Better put: the more you engaged in it, the more you got out of it. Talking with so many marketers, designers, founders, and coders yesterday made me grateful that we live during the exciting world of smartphone-centered, cloud-based technological power. Prior to 2007, it was never so much fun as it now is to be …

Travel Bloggers, Where Art Thou?

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World-renowned wine expert Jancis Robinson, in this morning’s particularly fine FT Weekend, is refreshingly honest about the changing role and status of “experts” like herself in today’s society and economy. A couple quick quotes by Ms. Robinson succinctly state today’s new reality: “In the 21st century, the internet and now, particularly, the smartphone have changed everything.” “I have gone from …

No, Hotels Really Don’t Care About the Environment

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“We care about the environment”  …  “Let’s preserve our world”  …  “Help us go green”  … Hotels all over the United States push their green credentials using varying terminology, but in the end it all comes down to those little cards you find in every hotel bathroom, inviting you to hang up your towel after your shower. But I just …

Where Are the Opportunities in the Post-Capitalist Economy?

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Today I just published a new post to LinkedIn as a reaction to Paul Mason’s article on the emerging post-capitalist economy in The Guardian. Mason discusses three interesting, emerging aspects of post-capitalism: The nature and definition of “work” The market’s price-setting mechanism in the emerging “economy of abundance” The spontaneous rise of collaborative production My reactions to his article as …