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It’s Time to Change Langley High School’s Mascot and Branding

Nicholas Kosar Culture

In 793 CE, “on 8 January the raiding of heathen men miserably devastated God’s church in Lindisfarne island by looting and slaughter.” And thus the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle documents the first Viking raid on the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Northumbria, in northern England. What does this have to do with Langley High School? Well, quite a lot. It’s a simple issue that …

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Oliver Burke: Proving My “Expat” Soccer Thesis

Nicholas Kosar Culture, Soccer

In late June of this year, as the European soccer Championships were being played, I published this blog post about one way England could help its chances of winning an international competition for the first time since 1966. My point? More England players need to play abroad rather than in the comfy, familiar confines of England. It’s partly about learning …

If England Is to Win Tournaments, They’ll Need Expat Players

Nicholas Kosar Culture, Soccer

I’m not even English, and I’m tired of seeing the under-performance of this team at the World Cup and European championships. They never deliver on expectations. Are the expectations too high? I don’t think so. A semi-final, a quarterfinal, even a final should happen every dozen years at least. So what is the problem? One commentator today – after Iceland’s …

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Rethinking Maps: Colonial Waterways > Interstates > Digital Mental Maps

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I’ve been road-tripping a lot through Virginia in the last few years. Like many, I’ve also been road-tripping around the internet. A strong coffee while waiting for my two youngest daughters to get their annual homeschool end-of-year testing, and I came up with this … my Medium-based ruminations on the connections between American colonial ideas of geography, the (increasingly less …


International Communications: 1700s Style

Nicholas Kosar Culture, Language

One way I keep up with historical and cultural interests is through my association with the Associates of Colonel Philip Ludwell III, a historical non-profit association focusing on interesting personalities of the 18th-century in the Colony of Virginia. In an age when we can Facebook message each other from the United States to Siberia (something I’ll occasionally do with cousins), …

Questioning the No Cell Phone Rule

Nicholas Kosar Culture, Tech

Earlier this week I had the good fortune to meet a friend at his club – one of those nice, 100+-year-old, private clubs that give off an air of gentility and professionalism. Over the years, I’ve been to this club numerous times for events, lunches, and drinks, and always felt refreshed by the quiet, stately atmosphere. The food is good …

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Tech Prophecies: The 1993-1994 “You Will” Commercials

Nicholas Kosar Culture, Tech

Just came upon some of these commercials from ’93-94 – I barely remember them. Amazing to see how much of this became true (and how some of it didn’t – at least in the exact ways the commercials are phrased). Remember that the Mosaic web browser came out in early 1993, the Netscape browser a year or so later, and …

No, Hotels Really Don’t Care About the Environment

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“We care about the environment”  …  “Let’s preserve our world”  …  “Help us go green”  … Hotels all over the United States push their green credentials using varying terminology, but in the end it all comes down to those little cards you find in every hotel bathroom, inviting you to hang up your towel after your shower. But I just …

Must the Pursuit of Truth Precede Market Insight?

Nicholas Kosar Culture, Tech

We are surrounded by sameness in our lives. Commercial institutions (you could call them “companies”) of all kinds succeed in delivering the status quo: hotels, airlines, banks. The list is endless. Embracing “conventional wisdom” appears to be the conventional wisdom. So what makes a market? Or rather, makes a new market – breaking old markets? You could say it’s someone …

In a Digital World, Is the Business Card Doomed?

Nicholas Kosar Culture, Tech

To some extent, the “paperless” office actually has resulted in less paper. But what about business cards? Recently I met a couple gents at a business mixer who had no business cards to offer, due to their company’s no-business-card policy. So is the business card doomed? Here’s what I had to say about it, on LinkedIn: Photo credit: beatplusmelody / …