Why We Shouldn’t Expect Immediate Results on Social Media

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When I give presentations on digital marketing, people normally hear me say that, “Online, no one reads anything. They just look at stuff.”  If you’re trying to use social media, websites, and blogs to market yourself, this statement may sound depressing. I don’t say this to dissuade people from using social media and other digital marketing tools, but rather to help …

Digital Audits guide your marketing strategies

Leverage Your Digital Audit: Transform Your Website from a Static Brochure to a Dynamic Marketing Tool

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By Nicholas Kosar and Stacey Piper of Piper Strategies Every business has a website. Sadly, however, most websites perform merely as fancy “e-brochures” – not as true marketing tools that nurture and develop a growing client base. So how do you take your website and digital assets to the next level? In our work with businesses large and small, we’ve …

Facebook marketing blog post by Nicholas Kosar

Facebook: Buy One, Get None Free

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Ruminations on Facebook … where else do you have to pay over and over for the same thing? I use and make use of Facebook’s ad platform in various projects. The targeting technology and design/presentation features are quite something. Something good, that is. But increasingly I feel that Facebook is just greedy. And this is not simply my opinion, but …

1600s infographic book by priest thomas gage

Crafting Effective Infographics – From the 1600s to Today

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While infographics seem to have been popular for only the last decade or so as part of the wave of social media-fueled content marketing, they’ve actually been around for centuries. In fact, we can still learn from infographics that are hundreds of years old. Three oldies that I like come from 1600s Great Britain, 19th-century Russia, and 20th-century America. That first …

3 Digital Mistakes That Will Thwart A Professional’s Market Expansion

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Struggling to spread the brand promise? Here are three mistakes to avoid, and some encouragement from Benjamin Franklin. As we know, corporate brand names are always aware of the need to get in front of new eyeballs. It’s one of the first assumptions of the brand marketing challenge. However, marketers in the professional services sector are often faced with intelligent …

Hashtag Best Practices (or, What Would Jimmy Fallon Do?)

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Like a lot of people, I’ll use hashtags to accent a social media post, notably among friends on Facebook. The hashtag serves as sort of a tongue-in-cheek addition to my main message. Yet while the hashtag has been around for a while, I still see people misusing it, notably on Twitter. Well, maybe “misuse” is too strong a word, but …

Branding: Not Yet Dead in the B2B World

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Itamar Simonson, professor of marketing at Stanford, tells the American Marketing Association that, in a world full of online reviews and “experience-based information,” the value of branding has been eroded: “Consumers rely increasingly on information sources like reviews by consumers and by experts…. They’re less dependent on … cues such as brand names.” This may be true in the B2C …

Two Ways for Law Firms to Create and Share Quality Content

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As Joe Pulizzi puts it, the opportunity to earn new business through “epic” content marketing is there for those who see it. This is certainly true in professional services marketing – notably in the legal field. While businesses and law firms can publish online with the push of a button, traditional content publishers are struggling to produce quality content and …