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Start Me Up: Keith Richards’ Startup Advice

Nicholas Kosar Tech

Guitarist Keith Richards is infamous for heroin addiction and supposedly snorting his father’s ashes. Those topics should pale in comparison to his incredible musical accomplishments with the Rolling Stones. But, he also is an illuminating source for startup inspiration and advice. Richards has the answers to questions such as, “How do you get it started when you’ve never done it …

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Rethinking Maps: Colonial Waterways > Interstates > Digital Mental Maps

Nicholas Kosar Culture, Tech, Travel

I’ve been road-tripping a lot through Virginia in the last few years. Like many, I’ve also been road-tripping around the internet. A strong coffee while waiting for my two youngest daughters to get their annual homeschool end-of-year testing, and I came up with this … my Medium-based ruminations on the connections between American colonial ideas of geography, the (increasingly less …

Questioning the No Cell Phone Rule

Nicholas Kosar Culture, Tech

Earlier this week I had the good fortune to meet a friend at his club – one of those nice, 100+-year-old, private clubs that give off an air of gentility and professionalism. Over the years, I’ve been to this club numerous times for events, lunches, and drinks, and always felt refreshed by the quiet, stately atmosphere. The food is good …

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Tech Prophecies: The 1993-1994 “You Will” Commercials

Nicholas Kosar Culture, Tech

Just came upon some of these commercials from ’93-94 – I barely remember them. Amazing to see how much of this became true (and how some of it didn’t – at least in the exact ways the commercials are phrased). Remember that the Mosaic web browser came out in early 1993, the Netscape browser a year or so later, and …

Where Are the Opportunities in the Post-Capitalist Economy?

Nicholas Kosar Tech

Today I just published a new post to LinkedIn as a reaction to Paul Mason’s article on the emerging post-capitalist economy in The Guardian. Mason discusses three interesting, emerging aspects of post-capitalism: The nature and definition of “work” The market’s price-setting mechanism in the emerging “economy of abundance” The spontaneous rise of collaborative production My reactions to his article as …

Must the Pursuit of Truth Precede Market Insight?

Nicholas Kosar Culture, Tech

We are surrounded by sameness in our lives. Commercial institutions (you could call them “companies”) of all kinds succeed in delivering the status quo: hotels, airlines, banks. The list is endless. Embracing “conventional wisdom” appears to be the conventional wisdom. So what makes a market? Or rather, makes a new market – breaking old markets? You could say it’s someone …

If Soccer Was Like Software, What Will the Next Version Look Like?

Nicholas Kosar Soccer, Tech

Software development goes through continual change. New features, new expectations. If the soccer industry were the same, what version are we using now, and what does the next release of code promise? In this Soccer Newsday article, I posit that we are moving from version 3.0 to version 4.0. So, what would 4.0 look like? Visit to learn more. Photo credit: …

In a Digital World, Is the Business Card Doomed?

Nicholas Kosar Culture, Tech

To some extent, the “paperless” office actually has resulted in less paper. But what about business cards? Recently I met a couple gents at a business mixer who had no business cards to offer, due to their company’s no-business-card policy. So is the business card doomed? Here’s what I had to say about it, on LinkedIn: Photo credit: beatplusmelody / …

MLS Rocks the Twittersphere But Needs More Cowbell

Nicholas Kosar Soccer, Tech

We’re in the middle of the Major League Soccer playoffs. A great time to watch North American soccer. The last week’s playoffs have made it clear to me that MLS really is trying, but that the league needs to open up its wallet in order to get to the next level of fan participation. So how is MLS trying? Well, just …