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Rethinking Maps: Colonial Waterways > Interstates > Digital Mental Maps

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I’ve been road-tripping a lot through Virginia in the last few years. Like many, I’ve also been road-tripping around the internet. A strong coffee while waiting for my two youngest daughters to get their annual homeschool end-of-year testing, and I came up with this … my Medium-based ruminations on the connections between American colonial ideas of geography, the (increasingly less …

Travel Bloggers, Where Art Thou?

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World-renowned wine expert Jancis Robinson, in this morning’s particularly fine FT Weekend, is refreshingly honest about the changing role and status of “experts” like herself in today’s society and economy. A couple quick quotes by Ms. Robinson succinctly state today’s new reality: “In the 21st century, the internet and now, particularly, the smartphone have changed everything.” “I have gone from …

No, Hotels Really Don’t Care About the Environment

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“We care about the environment”  …  “Let’s preserve our world”  …  “Help us go green”  … Hotels all over the United States push their green credentials using varying terminology, but in the end it all comes down to those little cards you find in every hotel bathroom, inviting you to hang up your towel after your shower. But I just …

Butte Fantasy Alley: US 491, US 160, and US 64

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A required element of this six-week cross-country trek for me was the Butte Drive-By – in the arid semi-deserts of the southwestern United States. There’s something special about a butte: timeless, majestic, and spiritual. Spiritual in the sense of: I can see how the ancients would attribute some aspect of deity to these impressive natural formations. This trip would have …

It’s Time to Rename Our Coffee Styles and Sizes

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Venti? 20 oz? And worst of all, “Tall”?? When it comes to coffee sizes and marketing, I sometimes think we’ve got it all wrong. It’s time for a change. As many know, two key elements of successful marketing are that you should: Self-identify with your customers and target markets. Speak their language. Align yourself with their aspirations. And that’s why …

I’ll Take My Parisian Metro Station on the Classy Side

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Today I happened upon a fantastic article  about plans to reclaim unused and abandoned Metro stations in Paris. What first caught my eye was the sheer beauty and creativity of the designs and ideas for reusing these spaces. While I’ve been fortunate to travel through the Paris Metro system a number of times on vacation, I remember witnessing the pickpocketing …

Advice to College Students: Master A Foreign Language Now

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Europe. Late Summer 2013. Language Fail. On vacation sans children, my wife and I finally find someone in Avignon who can’t speak a lick of English. And this particular shopkeeper is an absolutely delightful man. But my three years of French and my wife’s nine years are so rusty, it’s a challenge to communicate. We converse, but superficially. A few …

What Is Modern Technology?

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It’s hard to believe that it was nearly 10 years ago that I was in Europe on an MBA trip. Time flies. Remembering back to that trip, at the time no one had yet heard of an iPhone. Now, honestly, how can one do without one? Back then, you had a mobile phone, but it was mainly for Voice. Then …

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Post-Tsunami Japan: Soccer Beyond Business, Or: J League as Community

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I’m looking forward to Douglas Hurcombe’s upcoming documentary on Vegalta Sendai fans’ reactions to the tsunami that devastated northern Japan in March 2011. Looks like he’ll be shooting footage this Spring as the new J League season gets going. More information on this film project can be found here on