Coffee Promotions Now, and in 1650s London

Nicholas Kosar Content Marketing, x

So we know how coffee is promoted these days – there are all kinds of inventive ways. Three cool versions are shown here.


But how was coffee promoted and regarded in 1650s London? Well, there’s this description which I found via Bryant Lillywhite’s 1963 London Coffeehouses (George Allen & Unwin), while reading an interesting biography of the great Christopher Wren:

“in Bartholomew Lane, behind the Exchange, another new business was advertising ‘the drink called Coffee (which is a very wholsom and Physical drink) having many excellent vertues, closes the Orifice of the Stomack, fortifies the heat within, helpeth Digestion, quickneth the Spirits, maketh the heart lightsom, is good against Eye-sores, Coughs, or Colds, Rhumes, Consumptions [sic], Head-ach, Dropsie, Gout, Scurvy, King’s Evil, and many others.’ ”