Strategic Marketing Consulting

3-elements-dig-mktgThe successful development of new business is a strategic endeavor. “Strategy” – and its implementation – is the most challenging problem facing businesses and professionals seeking to gain new clients and new business. Without a solid strategy, even loads of engagement – whether in person or via social/digital channels – can be a significant waste of valuable time.

Cutting Through Information Overload

In today’s digital age, social media, blogs, digital products, and smartphones are both a daunting challenge and great opportunity. How do businesses set themselves apart amidst today’s information and content overload?

external-focusIt starts with getting the right strategy, a strategy that matches your service offering with the unique markets you are trying to serve. Beyond that, it means getting the implementation right. In other words, turning mere “social media” into true digital engagement with future clients. And combining new-fangled digital outreach with old-school, and still crucial, personal engagement and selling.


MarketKulture Consultancy provides a range of services suited to each client’s needs, including:

  • Digital and SEO audits: a thorough digital audit that examines your website performance, SEO fundamentals, social media engagement, and more
  • Website, blog, and social media development
  • Content marketing, publishing, and messaging development
  • Client/prospect targeting
  • Market segmentation analysis
  • Design and branding services
  • Marketing collateral development

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