Content Creation

Content. It’s important. It’s the core of the phrase “getting the word out.” But you can’t create content without strategy. And content isn’t necessarily reams and reams of prose – it depends on your target audience. Once those things inform your content, it’s time to create.

Think Outside the Box (or Bun, or Pirog, or Sushi Roll)

japanese-picklesThat’s a challenge I love. From my earliest years, I always felt like I was thinking outside the box, although I didn’t know how to define that: A white American who grew up with Russian and Japanese (food, language, and culture) in the family, religious holidays on the “wrong” days (e.g., Eastern Orthodox Easter), and family trips to Asia, the American desert, remote fortresses in Canada, even “picking” your orange juice from the trees in Grandma’s Southern California backyard. All while we had California license plates living in Virginia.

How is that helpful to creating effective content? I think it helps me help clients think objectively, casting off as many assumptions as possible about the marketing challenges they face. I like to create content for blog posts, client alerts, for videos, infographics, mobile apps, pitch emails, presentations, tweets, social shares – you name it.

Content Delivery: Print > Digital

fet-japan-coverPrior to going into marketing and digital product delivery, I was in publishing for over a dozen years. In that time, I copyedited, proofread, and designed more than two dozen books. I believe publishing in print makes you more serious and attentive, because it’s like chiseling your efforts in stone.

My experience as the managing editor of a bilingual travel magazine in Tokyo helped release me from some of the “language bonds” that we naturally have. It’s that old saying: You need to know the rules before you can break them.

wells-mixed-use-graphicThe digital content environment can be exhilarating, allowing you to twist and knead the “digital dough” in countless ways, many times with the ability to fix and tweak after you “published.”

I have been fortunate to lead team efforts that have won six awards for content efforts, from travel magazine features to social media campaigns to mobile app development. You can review these projects in my LinkedIn profile.