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Facebook: Buy One, Get None Free

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Ruminations on Facebook … where else do you have to pay over and over for the same thing?

I use and make use of Facebook’s ad platform in various projects. The targeting technology and design/presentation features are quite something. Something good, that is. But increasingly I feel that Facebook is just greedy. And this is not simply my opinion, but it’s what I glean from many people I listen to. Where else do you pay for the same thing over and over again?

It’s like going out for dinner:

  • You pay at the restaurant
  • You take home leftovers
  • You pay again for the leftovers, then reheat and eat
  • Want to finish the leftovers? Pay again, then reheat and eat

Sound absurd? That’s Facebook.

Develop great content. (Which is hard to do.) Share it. Then create a fine-tuned audience and promote the post.

Yay! You’ve earned new followers who’ve liked your Page! But wait, the next time you share content, you have to pay for those followers to see your content. And then again, and again.

It’s not simply silly – it’s disillusioning.

Dear Facebook: Help Your Customers Love You Again

Here’s an idea for Facebook: let a much larger number of those hard-fought followers see your posts – not just the “1 percent.” But go ahead and charge to find expanded audiences for posts and Page likes. Hey, we know you need to make a buck.

Otherwise, I’m getting fatigued and bored with the whole thing.

Maybe there’s another game we can play. Ask AOL.