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“Best Consulting Website” Award for 2019

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I was pleased when our team at Wells + Associates was recognized as the “Best Consulting Website” in the Web Marketing Association’s 2019 awards. In 2018, the Best Consulting Website was awarded to Accenture. I am the digital marketing strategist at Wells + Associates, an entrepreneurial consulting firm that advises clients around the United States on how to optimize and …

government contractor website design screenshot

Website Design for Government Contractor

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A joint venture of two experienced government contracting companies required a new website. The goal: simple, but informative. This website design project was created using the WordPress Avada theme and involved some simple graphic work to help identify core services of the JV and government agency customers. Despite being a single-scroll one-pager, it contains information about the joint venture partners’ …

screenshot of Piper Strategies website - redesign and redevelopment project

Revised Website and Brand for Piper Strategies

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Stacey Piper is an accomplished strategic marketing consultant with extensive experience particularly in the B2G sector. She specializes in developing federal contracting capture strategies, building out comprehensive marketing operations, and providing fractional CMO services. Stacey wanted to further refine the website for her firm, Piper Strategies. I worked with Stacey to redevelop her website including: transitioning it to a more …

web design branding project for envizium technology consulting

New Branding and Website for Envizium Technology Consulting

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Envizium, a tech consulting firm specializing in enterprise IT systems, needed a new website to express its unique approach to developing and managing large-scale IT systems. It is such a pleasure to help people and companies express their unique identity and approach to business. A crucial part of the Envizium project was developing and expressing Envizium’s unique brand, including refining …

Nicholas Kosar web design for Eugenia Kim MarketKulture

New Author Website: Eugenia Kim

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Eugenia Kim’s newest book is slated to hit the shelves in late 2018, published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (oddly enough, one of my former employers back in the day!). Eugenia wanted to update both the design and technology of not just her website, but her digital presence which includes Twitter and Facebook. A graphic designer herself in addition to an …

Web Design for Julian Coles: Singer + Songwriter

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A web design project for Julian Coles – a singer and songwriter. It was important to communicate visually both the vibe of Julian’s music and his persona. Words that come to mind are smooth, sophisticated, romantic, inspiring, and heartfelt. Other features: a blog to help promote new performances and recordings, and a page to feature SoundCloud recordings. His website will only grow.

Ludwell website by Nick Kosar MarketKulture

Historical Nonprofit Website Development

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A historical nonprofit association needed a modern, responsive website to spread knowledge about their research and encourage dialogue. My work on this website included determining the site structure and taxonomy, editing dozens of existing manuscripts to turn them into blog posts, photo and image curation, slider development, and logo/graphic design.

nicholas kosar web design

Travel Site Web Design

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“Romiyo” is a startup with an idea to have everyday people contribute travel stories. The initial, “minimum viable product” version of Romiyo is a WordPress-based website with some customizations thrown in. For example, the Google Search-like homepage was built via a plugin customization. In addition, another plugin allows the site owner to create multiple users or authors using only one …

Blog Concept for Transportation Consultancy

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Transportation isn’t so straightforward these days. It’s not just cars, but transit, bicycling, walking, carpooling, ridesharing. I conceptualized and managed the creation of this blog which was developed by New Target studios.

Soccer Fan Club Website Design

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English Premier League soccer is experiencing a boom in popularity in the United States. This web design was for the official Richmond, Virginia supporters club of the London-based Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. Design concept, content development for blog and pages, image curation. Color scheme matches officially approved brand identity guidelines.