Web Design Services

A website is the foundation of a digital marketing strategy.

New businesses and ventures need a new website. And many existing websites need a redesign due to the changing needs of the business or outdated design and technology.

With extensive experience in marketing and business development, along with a background in digital and print publishing, I handle web design projects for small businesses and individuals. A modern website, coupled with a goal-driven content marketing strategy, is essential in today’s world. Such a website contains a few characteristics, including:

A responsive design. In other words, a design that conforms to all the screen sizes in use today – desktop, laptop, tablet, and most importantly, smartphones. Study after study shows that more than 50 percent of web traffic is experienced on smartphones. With a non-mobile website, businesses lose.

SEO-focused structure. Even the most beautiful website can be ineffective. An effective website positions content strategically on each web page, makes use of metadata for social media and search engine optimization, and optimizes images to best effect.

Blog and landing page marketing. Publishing high-quality content on a regular basis is important to improve search engine rankings and fuel social media engagement. Producing strategic web landing pages is important for conversions.

Plug-in and API tools. An effective website is extensible. Plug-ins provide connections with popular email marketing tools, Google map integration, e-commerce capability, anti-spam programs, sliders and other design programs, and social sharing tools. Add-ons like these turn a static, old-school website into a real marketing and business development machine.

Secure web hosting. The world’s most influential search engine, Google, has made it clear that it gives higher search rankings to websites that are hosted on encrypted connections – on https rather than http. With an https connection, a website visitor’s connection to your website is secure from hackers, something that is crucially important when you are requesting information from site visitors.