What American Soccer Can Learn from Japan

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In the sporting universe, you can market players (e.g., Beckham, Henry, Wondo, DeRo), a team, or the sport itself. Of course, all three of these go hand in hand – they are part of a whole. But today I’ll focus on the strategic appeal and marketing of the sport itself:  Soccer in North America. And rather than pulling ideas from traditional soccer countries like England or Brazil, we’ll investigate from a different vantage point: Japan.

In this guest blog article on footiebusiness.com, I investigate what the North American soccer industry can learn from Japan’s valiant efforts to create and market soccer, including:

  • Japanese and North American Soccer: The Similarities
  • Let Little Hello Kitty Fight It Out with Godzilla
  • Taking Soccer to the Rice Paddies
  • Bottom Line: We Don’t Need More Cowbell, Just More Derbies

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